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    What to put in your maternity suitcase: the complete list!

    Knowing what to put in your maternity suitcase is not necessarily easy, especially when you are expecting your first child. To make your life easier, Kiabi created the list so as not to forget anything on D-Day! Start preparing your maternity suitcase around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy to leave serenely and do not hesitate to print the list to fill it as you go until the departure for the big and happy event :)
    And do not panic if you forget something, the father, family or friends are there to accompany you.

    Maternity suitcase for mum

    Besides the baby birth kit, what should you plan for your maternity suitcase? Even if the future star is your little wonder, don't forget to pamper yourself for D-Day! Think of everything that can be useful to you, do you good, enhance you to be to your advantage ... In short: think (also) of yourself! Here is the list of what you can take for motherhood.

    • Your breastfeeding cushion (which will also be used to breastfeed and wedge baby)
    • A nightgown or large t-shirt for childbirth (in general, the maternity hospital provides you with a blouse but plan nevertheless what is necessary)
    • 3 or 4 comfortable outfits for the maternity stay. Tip: opt for soft and comfortable materials, but also t-shirts and tank tops because it can also be very hot in your room.
    • 1 vest or 1 jacket if you are cold
    • 3 or 4 pairs of socks
    • 1 dressing gown or bathrobe (to stretch your legs)
    • Comfortable slippers / ballerinas
    • Cotton briefs or even disposable pants (sometimes supplied at the maternity)
    • 2 or 3 bras (breastfeeding or not)
    • Shower gel / shampoo / mild soap / intimate gel (useful for postpartum hygiene)
    • 2 towels and 1 washcloth (choose a dark color)
    • Toothbrush + toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Hair brush
    • Your daily beauty products
    • Moisturizing lip stick: you may not drink for several hours before giving birth so your lips will need a little boost!
    • Sanitary napkins (allow 2 sizes)
    • Elastics / hair clip
    • Hair dryer (if you really have room ...)
    • Paper tissues
    • 1 maternity leave outfit

    If you have chosen to breastfeed:

    • A nursing nightgown or pyjamas
    • 2 or 3 nursing bras
    • Breastfeeding pads (sometimes provided at maternity)
    • Breastfeeding shells
    • Breastfeeding cream / ointment
    • Nursing pillow
    • Notebook / pen to record feedings
    • Easy opening nursing tops
    • A bracelet to be placed alternately on each wrist to easily remember the breast of the last feeding

    Maternity suitcase for baby

    Did you know ? The vast majority of our baby maternity suitcase products are eco-designed and made from organic cotton.The drawers in his little room are full, baby shopping was right for you for nine months? Now it's time to select the right clothes so that the first week of your little one's life is welcoming and cozy. Baby maternity suitcase user manual!

    Baby must be hot! The essential body-socks-beanie combo in addition to pyjamas and bra.
    Baby has been 9 months warm at 37 °, so it will have to be done at the outside temperature and be well covered. Knowing that a large part of the heat loss passes through the head, do not neglect the little hat. For your information, the little mittens often sold with birth kits are not essential: they especially prevent babies from scratching if their nails are long (you will not be able to cut them right away at birth).

    • 1 bodysuit per day + 2 bonuses in case, 6 or 7 bodysuits in all
    • 4 pairs of socks + slippers
    • 3 to 4 pure cotton jersey knit hats
    • 3 woolen bras (waistcoat)
    • 1 pyjamas per day + 2 bonus in case, either 6 or 7 pyjamas in all

    Baby should feel reassured
    The same logic occurs with its direct environment: it leaves your belly and will feel reassured if it is well bundled up. For the day when he is under your supervision, choose a soft blanket to wedge him in his cradle. Thus surrounded, he will find intrauterine sensations. Sleeping bag essential for her safety at night!

    • 1 small blanket
    • 1 sleeping bag / sleeping bag for sleeping
    • Her first blanket :)
    • Small scratch-resistant gloves to prevent baby from getting hurt

    For bathing and changing babies
    The first baths… A pure moment of happiness for most newborns! Her brand new skin is fragile: we soap gently, and dry with light tapping… For the change, essential protection cream!

    • 4 or 5 towels or bath capes
    • 1 surgras soap for the first bath
    • 1 bath thermometer
    • Toiletries: cotton, milk, liniment, wipes, soft brush

    For the change:

    • 1 pack of diapers (sometimes provided at the maternity hospital)
    • Cotton squares or soft non-woven compresses
    • Disposable washcloths (sometimes provided at maternity)
    • A few hand towels for the changing mat

    For baby meals:

    • 5 or 6 bibs (Velcro, more practical)
    • 1 bottle with pacifier suitable for babies. It is advisable to plan for it even if you have decided to breastfeed.
    • Cloth swaddles to protect small rejections (on your shoulder, in your cradle, etc.)

    For leaving maternity:

    • 1 outfit to go out
    • A warm hat
    • 1 sleeping bag for transport (adaptable to the car seat)
    • Adapted car seat

    These little things that can sometimes change everything

    • A small bag with the bare essentials for the birth room
    • Bag for dirty laundry
    • Phone + charger
    • Book, magazine, reader (not too much either because not really the time ...)
    • A nice pillow (or a pretty pillowcase) to feel a little at home
    • A fogger
    • Quiet balls (if you are in a double room…)


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